Sandy, Sacking and Sushi

It’s been a helluva week. Hurricane Sandy has destroyed my hometown, and the BBC London radio show I co-present with Danny Baker has been axed. Lets just say it’s been a challenging few days…but as Danny always says, we must look up, not down.

So I went out to lunch. (me? comfort eat? NEVER ; ) )

The Strawberry Blonde and I were taking a deep breath kinda walk around Paddington, and popped into See Sushi, a place our friend had recommended to us- and indeed we bumped into him picking up a takeaway sushi platter for his lunch!

No takeaway for us; we relaxed on the cream coloured banquette and enjoyed the calming waterside view. See specialises in Japanese, Malaysian and Thai flavours, an awesome threesome as far as I’m concerned.  A huge tray of spicy tuna handroll and softshell crab roll was the perfect starter. 


I am partial to Malaysian food so went for a balanced and beautiful chicken satay bento box. The SB, as she always does, wound up ordering the best dish - black cod with miso. The SB always shares with me; however, not on this occasion. She allowed me the merest morsel, so i’ll have to take her word that it was the best black cod ever to pass her lips- sweet, super fresh and a bountiful portion. I’ll have to go back and order my own just to confirm this boast!